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For Students

Bachelor's or Master's Thesis

Make an impact with your Bachelor's and Master's study by working on a real project. We have exciting challenges for you.


Experience an agile, inclusive working environment and become a part of the multinational Roche Team.

Healthcare Xplorers

Healthcare Xplorers offers students and PhDs in the field of bioinformatics, business mathematics, physics and engineering the chance to solve real challenges from Roche business areas where data plays a crucial role and to submit their own ideas and research interests in the data sphere. 

For Lecturers/ Researchers


Do you have a talented group of students and are looking for a business challenge for a hackathon? 

Read this article to get an impression about Hackathons with students.

Innovation Project

Best solutions will be achieved by leveraging diverse perspectives and gathering also an external point of view. This is our philosophy when approaching innovation.

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